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A long time

Yes, the little shop is now open for about 10 months and still running! I did not keep up blogging, but I’d like to get going again, and for this, I will show you a brief overview about what happend in all this time with some little photos…

A lot of stunning new stuff…


A large collection of different buttons - so amazing and a very big hit

Wonderful paper

So many wonderful workshops…

T-Shirt decoration

Easter egg decoration

And some rather cool events…

Photos available soon



Welcome to 2011

Due to me still not having a computer in the shop and no internet as well, I couldn’t really keep posting here. Many things have happened, here is a little roundup…

-We finally opened on october 30th, one day before halloween!

-We participated on the market that takes place two times a year in the town, we got to talk to a lot of interested people!

-We had an awesome lot of positive feedback, we had customers, we had great ideas coming from other people, we had participants for the workshops, we met so many amazing people already!

-Our product range is increasing and increasing, the biggest newcomer is cleary the plassard yarns we are now selling. I learned a lot about knitting and how people acutally buy wool, in which quantities, for which criteria etc. …

-We sold our first subscription for the workshops (it’s been a lot of work to set this up in place and working)

-So many, many other fantastic things happened.

I’m parting confident into january, sales have been way better than I hoped for. The most interesting part now is, that the shop beside ours will be free as from today. Both the current tenant and the hirer have offered it to us first chance. It’s a big part of money more that would go into rent, but it would be so great to have more space and to be able to develop more quickly! We’ll see…


Hello world! – Yes, I greet you all

Hi, my name is “Wemel” – or that’s what I’m calling myself on this blog. It is october 2010 and I’m going, together with a partner, to open a little shop here in france somewhere next week. We are going to sell craft supplies, but we also want to offer workshops, offer other people the possibilities to offer workshops and create a place, where everybody can actually “try” the things (all based on the fact, that, everybody can buy in the internet, but with us you can try first, you can get quality advice and help if needed).

I don’t know when exactly we are going to open, but I guess somewhen next week, this all came pretty quick and we are just pushed into this adventure, I love that feeling.

It’s been a long time I wanted to make a blog about my crafts, and I never did. I guess with the opening of the shop, this might change, I think this is the perfect moment to start blogging about a passion, that makes me smile everyday again. I feel that there is so much that can be done, so much I didn’t even try yet, and I hope the shop and the workshops will bring me closer to all the things and motivate me to try the things I always wanted to create.

I’m german, my shop is based in france. And I somehow settled on writing in english. My english is way not perfect, but I’ ll try anyway 😉