What to do with Buttons?

As you can read here, we have a large collection of various buttons in our little shop. There are so many people who are entering the shop, see the buttons and start exclaiming “Awww, how sweet, I NEED one!”.

Now, there are the ones that actually have sewing or knitting projets going to which they can add these little buttons, but there are also a lot of people who just think the buttons are beautiful but who never ever even actually touched a sewing needle 😉 But there still are many ways for making good use of the buttons ! There were some basic things I had been thinking about myself, but customers came up with even more ideas and every day I hear new ones. I love it.

So many lovely buttons...

But what to do with them (other than stacking them nicely 😀 )

Of course you could just sew them on your clothes, jackets, shirts, etc. ...

Or on that favourite hat or bag of yours!

But if you are not too fond of sewing, then there are plenty of easy other projects you could do...

Like making a button-bracelet...

Or cute little button hairclips!

If you prefer, you can also make earrings, either with studs...

...or with hooks (true, the earrings here are not buttons, but very similar plates. You could do them with buttons though!)

There are so many, infinite ideas with buttons! You can make rings with them, use them as keyrings or even glue them on your diary (idea from a customer ;)). Do you have any other ideas?


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